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Reclaiming your Wholeness: The 5 essential pieces

Reclaiming your Wholeness: The 5 essential pieces

June 29, 2022

Today we discuss one of my most favourite topics and a true pillar that runs through my work; Reclaiming your wholeness.

A beautiful, immersive journey that requires all parts of us, and can be a wild one to navigate! I share 5 things that will really support you as you are in reclamation of your wholeness.

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Meditation: Getting out of the head and into the body

Meditation: Getting out of the head and into the body

May 19, 2022

Today's episode is a little different. 

A meditation to support you to get out of your head and into your body.

This will be super yummy if you've been feeling all up in your mind lately and are ready to get grounded, anchored and back into an embodied place.

If you like this then you'll love my HOLD THE VISION healing meditation that guides you to unlock your infinite power, release old emotions and call forward your new way of being. 

You can download it below.

Business is your Initiation.

Business is your Initiation.

April 13, 2022

If you run (or are in the process of creating) a heart-led service based business then this episode is for you!

We hear so often that business is the biggest self-development lesson of them all, and yet I'm a true believer that business doesn't need to feel 'Hard' instead it can be the most beautiful process of initiation you'll ever experience. 

Today you'll hear me share the 4 key pieces you need to know to be able to grow and evolve within your business in a way that feels less 'going round in circles' and waaay more fun, juicy and inspiring.


UNLEASHED: The Immersion is my intimate group program for big hearted women who want to fall back in love with their business. Next round starts June.



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Why you‘re not getting what you want (And how to change that)

Why you‘re not getting what you want (And how to change that)

December 11, 2021

One thing that has become so apparent over my nearly 5 years in this work is that the single most thing that will affect whether someone achieves what they want or not has nothing to do with how much they want it or how hard they are willing to work for it and everything to do with whether they are;

1) ready to hold it

2) believe it's actually possible for them

In todays episode we break down why the thing or feeling that you so desperately long for hasn't happened yet and how to actually make it happen for you.

I share how to get ready to hold the thing you want and how to change your feelings & beliefs into ones that actually serve you. 

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Making December work for you

Making December work for you

December 2, 2021

The month that can feel the busiest, the most overwhelming and the one that demands so much of us. 

Whether you are feeling like you are dragging yourself (metaphorically or literally!) to the end of the year

Or attempting to juggle everything you want to achieve this month, and have in place next year all whilst also honouring time with loved ones

In this episode I share useful insights and thought provoking questions to ask yourself so you can start making December work for you.

Expect practical suggestions, big questions to anchor into and some tough love to support you to turn this time into one that feels good NOW.



Running a Soulful Business: Q&A Part One

Running a Soulful Business: Q&A Part One

September 25, 2021

In this episode I share some of the biggest questions I get asked by clients & my community in regards to running a soulful business.

In Part One I answer:

-Where I get clients from and how you can attract yours

-What to do when you feel like your Creativity and inspiration has dried up

-Niching 101 (If you pull your hair out at the idea of niching you HAVE to listen to this...)

-How to navigate Comparison and get rid of it for good.

You got me on a day when I was high on endorphins and telling it like it is! Enjoy listening and if there is something specific you want me to speak to in Part Two then reach out via: 

Instagram: @_emiliafrancesca or email:

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Big love x

Healing your relationship with your body

Healing your relationship with your body

June 14, 2021

Drawing on both personal experiences and my experiences with supporting my coaching clients to heal their relationship with their bodies, I cover all the pieces that I believe are foundational to us creating lasting change within ourselves.

I speak on:

- What do you want your relationship with your body to actually be?

- What's really holding you back from healing that relationship

-Why we dissociate and detach from our physical bodies

- The actions that are harmful and helpful

- Giving our bodies a voice & regaining trust 


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Delayed Happiness & pressing pause on “Improving ourselves”

Delayed Happiness & pressing pause on “Improving ourselves”

May 22, 2021

Are you always in Self Improvement mode?

Today, we have a quick and honest conversation around how if we are always in self development and improvement mode then we are actually missing out on the fullness and fulfilment that life has to offer.

and how sometimes "the work" is allowing yourself to sit in and marvel at what you have created for yourself.



Launching with Ease: Behind the scenes of how I launch

Launching with Ease: Behind the scenes of how I launch

May 6, 2021

Today I'm sharing my insights on how I launch my offers and stay in an energy of ease & alignment. The essentials I'd recommend for any launch and some BTS of how my most successful and also my failed launches have gone. 

As always, I'm much less about specific strategies and more about the strategy being YOU. Your values, your mission, your vision and therefore this means your launch has to align with the energy of you, your offer and your values in order for it to feel good.

If that feels really exciting, but you're wondering where to begin with launching in a way that rebels the usual 'launch protocol' we see on social media then listen in my friends.

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Failure IS an option

Failure IS an option

April 14, 2021

I believe redefining our relationship with failure is imperative in enabling us to live out to our full potential, share our gifts, magic & talents with the world, and live the life we've dreamed of.

Failure is a big topic and this weeks episode offers insights into: How we are taught to view failure as children and adults and how deeply embedded this can be, the difference between failing something and BEING a failure, How we get to choose to feel about failure, making failure neutral, and how I went from feeling like a failure for a decade of my life to living how I do today.

I feel like we only just scratched the surface baby! Enjoy my loves.

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