The Soul Led Podcast

Why you‘re not getting what you want (And how to change that)

December 11, 2021

One thing that has become so apparent over my nearly 5 years in this work is that the single most thing that will affect whether someone achieves what they want or not has nothing to do with how much they want it or how hard they are willing to work for it and everything to do with whether they are;

1) ready to hold it

2) believe it's actually possible for them

In todays episode we break down why the thing or feeling that you so desperately long for hasn't happened yet and how to actually make it happen for you.

I share how to get ready to hold the thing you want and how to change your feelings & beliefs into ones that actually serve you. 

Between episodes you connect with me on Instagram at _emiliafrancesca and learn how we can work together at


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